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We are experienced in diagnosing issues with engines and keeping them in top condition.

At ATL Total Car Care in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, we are well-known for our exceptional diagnostic abilities. That can be especially comforting if you are concerned that you’ll need to be looking at new engines to replace the one in your vehicle. We have an excellent record for repairing engines rather than needing to replace them, and we consider replacement to be viable only when repairs would be costlier or the engine is beyond repair.

Engines in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

You can count on us to not only accurately diagnose engines, but also make an honest recommendation as to what we have found. We are concerned with what is in your best interest– not what makes us the most money. We prefer to build a long-standing relationship with our customers, so we take the time to present all your options and provide the relevant information, allowing you to make a decision based on facts, not fear tactics.

We also provide a wide variety of maintenance and repair services intended to extend the life of your engine. When you consider that engines are designed to easily reach 100,000 miles and often double that, it is a sad situation when one fails far before that due to lack of maintenance and care. Whether you tend to trade vehicles often or you drive your car until the wheels are ready to fall off, taking good care of it means it will take good care of you. Contact us today with any questions you have about engines or to schedule an appointment.

At ATL Total Car Care, we offer repair services for engines to those in Winston-Salem, Pfafftown, Lewisville, Clemmons, Rural Hall, Stanleyville, King, East Bend, and Bethania, North Carolina.



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