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Heating Repair, Winston-Salem, NC

We have the expertise to diagnose your heating issue and make the right heating repair decision.

While the winters can be mild here in Winston-Salem, North Carolina compared to our northern neighbors, you still don’t want to drive around needing heating repair. You deserve to be comfortable during your commute, errands, or excursions to take in the sights in the area. Here at ATL Total Car Care, we offer exceptional heating repair services at affordable prices that you can rely upon to resolve the problem.

Heating Repair in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Whether your heater is blowing cold air, it isn’t as warm as you’d like, or it won’t come on at all, we can quickly diagnose the situation and recommend the appropriate heater repair. There are many different things that could be the culprit, and not all of them are directly a result of the heating system itself. For example, if there isn’t enough coolant in the engine or there is a water leak, it can affect the performance of the heating system.

We also look for such factors as a heater core malfunction, broken or clogged heating controls, and a dysfunctional thermostat. We will also ask you if you’ve noticed other problems that you might not realize are related, such as an unusual odor or overheating. We recommend bringing in your vehicle as soon as you realize you need heating repair just in case there is another issue going on that could leave you stranded.

If you have any questions about heating repair or any other automotive issue, don’t hesitate to contact us.

At ATL Total Car Care, we offer vehicle heating repair services to those in Winston-Salem, Pfafftown, Lewisville, Clemmons, Rural Hall, Stanleyville, King, East Bend, and Bethania, North Carolina.