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You can ditch the dealership and get your hybrid repair needs handled right here at a more affordable price.

One of the complaints that some people that own a hybrid car have is that they are forced to take their hybrid to the dealership if they need maintenance or hybrid repair, facing a higher bill than would be possible with an independent garage. If you are in the Winston-Salem, North Carolina area, you’ll be happy to know that you can ditch the dealership because here at ATL Total Car Care, we have the training and experience to perform hybrid repair as well as regular maintenance.

Hybrid Repair in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

We bet when you made the decision to purchase a hybrid car, the choice revolved around gas savings and doing something good for the environment. What you might not realize is that you can also save money in other ways. For example, because hybrid cars do not utilize the gas engine 100% of the time like a traditional car, they do not have to have the oil changed as often. Typically, you can go an extra 2,000 miles or more between oil changes without setting yourself up for hybrid repair problems. In addition, brake components last longer due to the regenerative braking system that uses less heat and friction.

All the auto repair and maintenance services you need conveniently located under one roof!

Many of the hybrid repair situations are the same as a traditional car so there is no need to pay extra. There are some components that are far different and some, such as the batteries, can be costlier to replace. Fortunately, even these prices have come down so if you need replacement hybrid batteries after the warranty has ended, it is far more affordable than it used to be.

We always strive to provide you with hybrid repair that is as affordable as possible, so you won’t be taking your fuel savings and reallocating them to keeping your vehicle operational. Contact us today with any questions you may have about hybrid repair or any of our automotive services.

At ATL Total Car Care, we offer hybrid repair services to those in Winston-Salem, Pfafftown, Lewisville, Clemmons, Rural Hall, Stanleyville, King, East Bend, and Bethania, North Carolina.



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