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Advantages of the Regular Oil Change

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Oil changes are something that even the least mechanically inclined know are important for the longevity of their engine. While many people know that an oil change is something that needs to be done in order to keep their engine clean, there are other advantages that you get from regular oil changes as well as a shiny engine! Here at ATL Total Car Care, we want to share with you some of the advantages that you’ll get from a regular oil change for your car.

oil changes on a regular basis make your engine last longer

First, oil changes make for a nice, clean engine. When you drive, your car sucks in particles of dirt, dust and grime. These things can run rampant through the engine, being cleaned up and trapped by the oil circulating through the system. However, without a regular oil change, these particles can start to grind at the interior of your engine. Regular oil changes make for clean, smoothly running engines.

Second, oil changes make for better gas mileage on your vehicle. Remember those particles we talked about earlier? Those dirty, dusty particles increase friction, which force your engine to work harder, decreasing your gas mileage.

Third, oil changes on a regular basis make your engine last longer. When you don’t have the grime circulating through your engine, it can run longer and easier. It’s like running easily on concrete vs running through sand — you’re going to tire out quicker in the sinking sand every time!

These are just some of the reasons that oil changes are advantageous for your vehicle. Do you have questions about your oil changes or frequency? We have answers here at ATL Total Car Care, so give us a call today.